Taking the Leap

Likely the hardest part about starting a comic- be it on the web or just on your own time- is starting. You get all these ideas in your head that you have to have 200 pages of buffer, or you need to improve your skills more, you have to have full references and an entire completed plot all before you even start. This simply isn’t true.

The fact of the matter is, starting is going to make you start thinking critically. It’s going to make you think about when to upload pages, how often, and it’s going to make you do the work itself, and as all artists and writers know, practice is what ultimately makes perfect. Starting, you’re going to want to have a bunch of pages in case something happens, which isn’t inherently a bad idea… Unless you work better under pressure. I know I do (which is great for my anxiety, but that’s beside the point). Do what works best for you! If you don’t listen to anything anyone says ever except for one thing, let it be this.

Start. Go. Begin. Put your pencil on your paper, open up Photoshop. Open up the nearest notebook and start writing down dialogue or plot, open up Word right now and start typing. Just do it. It’ll seem much easier when you do, and when you have that first page plotted and drawn, you know you can do at least that. It only gets better from here.

I’ll never forget the video I found scrolling through tumblr. The world needs people who finish, not perfection.

Scared? We all are. But what’s the worst that could happen? You stop? Well, you have a page now. That’s one more page than you had. You miss an update? You can still keep going. You get burned out? Doesn’t matter, you can always pick it back up. Don’t go by someone else’s timetable- go by yours.

And more importantly, start.


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